What we do

We stand by our translations and we are not shy to offer our two bits of wisdom when we feel something might be amiss, but we leave our ego out of the equation - the client's needs come first and we remain but a link in the chain of communication.

Depending on the language combination and specific requirements of a translation, prices may vary, but as a rule of thumb they are well below EUR 0.10 per source word. Depending on the client's return rate and the volume of the assignment discount pricing may be agreed upon.

We are yet to refuse a translation assignment for feeling out of depth. We are no strangers to research and over the years of professional cooperation have developed a reliable network of consultants from various fields.

Unlike large agencies looking to maximize profit, we are looking for long-term sustainability through aggressive increase in value per cost, and we have gotten there through careful use of resources, reliable hardware and software, and a carefully streamlined workflow.

We know there can be little compromise between punctuality and quality of delivery and, if circumstances warrant it, we will work night and day to provide top-notch translation.

Why not have us translate your postcard greetings on the go (up to 60 words in length for EUR 6.00). Or better yet, send us a postcard of your home town in lieu of payment.

Our current track record counts zero dissatisfied customers and several long-standing clients. Care to test that claim?

Each new text provides an opportunity to expand our knowledge and expertise and we have seen our share of translation, localisation and interpretation assignments. When we say we are capable of translating virtually anything you throw at us, we stand by it.

While we rigorously employ the usual gamut of quality assurance methods, nothing can measure up to loving what you do when it comes to doing good work - and we truly do. Both love our work and do it well.



Vesna Bolfek
linguist, English
Tihana Tumpa
Alenka Trojak
linguist, Slovenian
Gordana Šamšalović
M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, medical translations, Italian, Croatian
Tomislav Patarčić
project management, quality control, Croatian
Gordana Šujdović
linguist, Serbian, Bosnian
Jadranka Popović-Tumpa

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